The Grandfather Thing


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The Grandfather Thing
(A Warmly Comic Memoir)

If you believe that your brand new grandchild is the most beautiful creation in the world, you’ve got “The Grandfather Thing.” If you find yourself showing baby pictures to strangers, you’ve got “The Grandfather Thing.” And if you belive that you’re above all this sentimatnality and frivolousness, maintaining a cool objectivity, you’re in denial and have the most severe case of “The Grandfather Thing!” In this warmly comic memoir of grandson Mac’s first year, humorist Saul Terteltaub – who believes he’s immune to “The Grandfather Thing” – is converted from objective bystander to super enthusiast as “The Grandfather Thing” works its wonders on his psyche. 

City Hall: The Heart of Los Angeles


The heart of Los Angeles!

City Hall

The beautiful drawings and fascinating story in City Hall provide an adventure in art and history that takes parents and children on a colorful tour of Los Angeles’ famous landmark.

A Martian Wouldn't Say That!!



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A wildly funny exposé of actual memos and numbing notes from network executives

A hilarious exposé of the absurdities inflicted upon television\'s creative community by network executives and the watchdogs at Broadcast Standards and Practices.

To wit:

"Will War and Peace be based on the book?"

"I think you\'re making a mistake having so many French involved in the production of Les Miserables."

From the V.P. of current programming regarding the Fred Astaire Special: "Too much dancing."

Whether it\'s a mishmash of M*A*S*H or a harangue over Hamlet, each absurd comment makes one thing perfectly clear - never put anything in writing!

I'll Give You a Dollar If You Consider This Art


Also available in a Limited First Edition Hardcover

A mechanic milks a cow, a recluse walks outside for the first time in three weeks, two teenagers watch tennis on mute, a grown man drinks a juice box in his underwear ― all of these moments strike the artful balance between intellectual acuity and lighthearted absurdity, establishing Toddy Smith and Darren Nuzzo as the new literary voices to listen to, laugh with and follow.

The Ultimate Droodles Compendium


Before the inspired nonsense of Monty Python, David Letterman and the Far Side, there were Droodles. With a few squiggles in a simple square, these clever drawings created absurd scenes like SHIP ARRIVING TOO LATE TO SAVE A DROWNING WITCH (used by Frank Zappa as an album cover), EYEGLASSES FOR A POTATO and CLAM WITH BUCK TEETH And they were all the creation of one brilliant and unpredictable man: Roger Price.

At the height of their popularity in the mid-1950s, fans enjoyed the Droodles TV show, a Droodles daily newspaper column, Droodles magazine features, Droodles cocktail napkins, even Droodles in ads for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Like hula hoops, drive-in movies and UFOs, Droodles were one of the biggest fads of the 1950s.

Write Screenplays That Sell - The Ackerman Way


20th Anniversary Edition

Newly Revised and Updated 2021 Edition featuring Moonlight, La La Land, Juno, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad and many more current films and TV shows.

Write Screenplays That Sell
The Ackerman Way

“Hal Ackerman’s new book is exceptional.”

-Scr(i)pt magazine, May/June 2004

“…this [book] will become one of the more popular screenwriting books out there.”

-Screentalk magazine, January 2004

“Here is another excellent screenwriting book. Very important addition to your screenwriting library.”

-Script magazine, Summer Book Review 2004

Pieces of Glass


An Artoir by John Sacret Young

Read About then Own the Art Collection!

In Pieces of Glass, award-winning Hollywood screenwriter John Sacret Young mixes the "art" side of his life with a personal memoir to create a unique Artoir spotlighting and exploring the deep, moving, and explosive effect art has had on him, his work, and his soul. From Mark Rothko, John Marin, and Richard Diebenkorn to Johannes Vermeer, Norman Rockwell and Charles Burchfield, Young comes to realize that paintings, drawings, sketches, and even chalk on an old garage wall have helped shape him into the best of what he is today. 

Older, Wiser, Shorter: The Truth and Humor of Life after 65


by Jane Seskin

Pre-order now!  Ships at the end of August 2024!

Growing old is a gift - let\'s relate to and embrace it.

"Even though I\'m not a fan of poetry, I found Jane Seskin\'s poems to be a delight.  They hit home."

-Jane Brody, Personal Health columnist, NYTimes

"Candid, funny, and best of all inspiring, the poems in Jane Seskin\'s Older Wiser Shorter throw open a window on aging. Suddenly a breeze of resilience sails through. I learned from Seskin\'s poems: they become like mentors for the strange adventure of late-life living. Kindness infuses them." 

-Molly Peacock, author of The Analyst

Jane Seskin writes with keen insight and eyes open to the inadvertent miracles in our everyday."

-Arthur Sze, Author of Compass Rose