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  1. Great Failures of the Extremely Successful

    A motivational look at the obstacles overcome by people who have made it!  Now in paperback!

    Getting fired could be the best thing that ever happened to you!  It was for these people below.

    Look what they did after they received their pink slips!

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  2. Pieces of Glass

    Pieces of Glass


    An Artoir by John Sacret Young

    Read About then Own the Art Collection!

    In Pieces of Glass, award-winning Hollywood screenwriter John Sacret Young mixes the "art" side of his life with a personal memoir to create a unique Artoir spotlighting and exploring the deep, moving, and explosive effect art has had on him, his work, and his soul. From Mark Rothko, John Marin, and Richard Diebenkorn to Johannes Vermeer, Norman Rockwell and Charles Burchfield, Young comes to realize that paintings, drawings, sketches, and even chalk on an old garage wall have helped shape him into the best of what he is today. With chapters reflecting on family, cancer, women, sailing, summer storms, car accidents, Hollywood, swindlers, shady art dealers, and more — he paints haunting portraits with a sensitivity and lushness readers will soak up and be moved by.

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  3. It All Begins with "I"

    It All Begins with "I"


    The “New Rules of Thinking” and the Simple Secrets to Living a Rich, Joyous and Fulfilled Life

    Author and motivational speaker Stuart K Robinson shares his “New Rules of Thinking” to examine the futility of trying to alter the system, your boss, your significant other or your life when the most powerful and painless way to effect change is to adjust your beliefs, your blueprint, your actions... yourself. Outlining the fundamental modes of thinking that will empower any person to overcome the boundaries that limit possibility, It All Begins With "I” frees the reader from the non-productive thoughts and behaviors that actually create obstacles. We all know “you can’t fight City Hall,” but you can defeat the harmful thinking within yourself that allows and invites “City Hall,” your employer, your family, and even total strangers to diminish your experience and enjoyment of this wonderful opportunity called life.

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  4. Really?!!?!



    One Woman's Adventures of Dating in the Digital Age


    “Really?!!?! examines online dating from a realistic and truly hilarious female perspective.  If you're going to read any timely comedy this year, this is the one.”

    –Sarah Dunn
    Bestselling author of The Big Love and Secrets to Happiness

    “This piece of literature brings you the whole truth.  Online dating stripped down to the bone.  It's harsh.  It's in your face.  But most of all – it's wildly entertaining.”

    –Lasse Scharpen

    “For anyone who's thinking about taking a swim in the perilous but potentially rewarding waters of online dating, this is the best fucking book you will ever read!”

    –William Wisher

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  5. Forever Friends

    A delightful story of what it takes to be a true friend!

    Forever Friends

    Everybody needs a Forever Friend – someone who cares, someone who shares, someone who looks out for you. But nobody says it has to be another person! In this whimsical tale of two Forever Friends, you might wonder who is looking out for whom as you learn the ins and outs of everlasting friendship… at least from a four-legged point of view! Joyfully conceived and written by Barbara S. Cohen and playfully illustrated by Dorothy Louise Hall, Forever Friends is a loving look at friendship from both ends of the leash.

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  6. Somethin' Pumpkin

    Somethin' Pumpkin


    “A pumpkin is possibly so many things… there’s no limit to all the joy that it brings.”

    Somethin’ Pumpkin

    Finally, acknowledgement for the pumpkin in Somethin’ Pumpkin, a hilariously spooky salute to everyone’s favorite Halloween symbol. Trick-or-treaters big and small will find it difficult to resist Jimmy Pickering’s wacky full color paintings and Scott Allen’s creepy but friendly rhymes. It’s a no holds barred introduction to a far-out world of robots, witches, outerspace aliens, monsters, mad doctors and more, all of whom need pumpkins in their lives… for one reason or another!

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  7. It's Winter

    It's Winter


    Sally and Sam discover a world of frosty fun!

    It’s Winter

    What fun is Winter
    Without snowball fights?
    They’re certainly one
    Of the Season’s delights.

    Sally and Sam, Jimmy Pickering’s playful duo, uncover the enchantment of Winter in this charming look at our coldest season. Pickering’s illustrations capture such simple joys as catching a snowflake on one’s tongue, making angels in the snow and building a frost dinosaur snowman – among numerous other wonderful Winter activities.

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  8. It's Fall

    It's Fall


    Two special friends delight in the wonders of Autumn!

    It’s Fall

    The leaves that were green
    High over their heads
    Are now full of yellow
    And ambers and reds

    The colors and changes of Autumn make for fun and discovery! Illustrations by Jimmy Pickering (Somethin’ Pumpkin) bring Fall back to life for two frolicking friends, Sally (who romps) and Sam (who barks), a festival of apple harvests, hayrides, Halloween, and more.

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  9. It's Spring

    It's Spring


    Spring has sprung!

    It’s Spring

    Sally (who romps) and Sam (who barks) are again venturing out to discover another exciting season – Spring! The landscape is now covered with flowers and ladybugs and kites, and the two pals are set to experience it all firsthand. Jimmy Pickering’s uniquely stylized art (Somethin’ Pumpkin, It’s Fall!, It’s Winter!), captures the fun and freshness of a new Spring that’s spring!

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  10. Friedl



    “Only a person with Friedl’s humanity, tenacity and artistic genius could have had the strength and courage to teach Tein’s children how to draw and how to cope.”

    -Rabbi Abraham Cooper,
    Simon Wiesenthal Center


    The works of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis are currently being shown at the Jewish Museum in New York City through January 2005. The exhibit has already been to Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Stockhold, Prague and Atlanta and will be in Dallas and other American cities in the future.

    This book provides, for the first time, the art and life of renowned Holocaust artist and teacher FRIEDL DICKER-BRANDEIS. A labor of love, painstakingly researched and compiled over many years, this deluxe volume is being published in conjunction with the Simon Wiesenthal Center / Museum of Tolerance and coincides with the American opening of the worldwide traveling exhibition for the work of Dicker-Brandeis and her students. The U.S. tour began in Atlanta.

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