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A Smaller Note from a Tall Fellow,


For those of you following Tallfellow and smallfellow Press, you know the last few years have held many challenges for us.  There have been happy and sad times.  The saddest being the loss of our founders Larry Sloan and Leonard Stern.  Suffice it to say life has not been the same without them.


After some time without publishing any new titles, Tallfellow is back and hopefully offering you great new books to read and enjoy and sometimes laugh at.  Our commitment remains the same as it always was... and I'll leave it to our founders original letter to remind you of it.




Claudia Sloan



A Small Note from the Tall Fellows


One of the joys of being a publisher is bringing something to people that touches them with its beauty or brilliance or humor.  As founders of Price Stern Slaon, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of providing unique and innovative books to the reading public.


After selling PSS to an unnamed New York publisher (if it were named it would be Penguin Putnam), we entered the realm of semi-retirement and found it thoroughly undesirable.  Our interest in books was limited to reading them, possibly even buying some.


The challenge of discovering new writers and artists was too much to set aside.  We realized we were still able, and desirous, of developing unusual books, for both children and adults.  At least we thought it was worth trying...


So here we are again, Tallfellow and smallfellow Press.  We're taking a broader and more eclectic approach, but we promise to provide the same enthusiasm and creative thinking that made Price Stern Sloan a publishing success story.


We hope you enjoy the new titles as much as we enjoyed producing them.



Larry Sloan & Leonard Stern