It's Spring

Spring has sprung!

It’s Spring

Sally (who romps) and Sam (who barks) are again venturing out to discover another exciting season – Spring! The landscape is now covered with flowers and ladybugs and kites, and the two pals are set to experience it all firsthand. Jimmy Pickering’s uniquely stylized art (Somethin’ Pumpkin, It’s Fall!, It’s Winter!), captures the fun and freshness of a new Spring that’s spring!


Jimmy Pickering’s imagination and creativity have led him to work for some of the country’s top creative companies, including Hallmark, Disney and Universal Studios. He lives in Los Angeles with his faithful canine companions, Harold and Maude.

Retro graphics simulate a collage treatment, with textured lavender skies and two-toned tulips and daffodils sprouting up from the spot illustrations and full-bleed compositions. Sunflower and vegetable gardens overtake the artwork in Summer.”

-Publishers Weekly

Each glossy spread has colorful, computer-generated cartoon illustrations that match the exuberance of the text. The large-print fonts change color and size throughout both books.”

-School Library Journal

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Jimmy Pickering
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