Who Asked the Moon to Dinner?

A playful story about the worst dinner guest in the universe.

Who Asked the Moon to the Dinner?

When the Moon plops his rude mooniness down at the dinner table and proceeds to gobble all the food in sight, blow his nose in the tablecloth and juggle the family cats, it’s up to his young host, Isaac, to teach the hugest and rudest guest anyone has ever had a few manners.

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Joe Murray lives in southern California where he creates independent animated films, paints, writes and gazes at the Moon. He is most widely known as the creator of the odd (and yet Emmy-Award winning) animated series “Rocko’s Modern Life,” which is shown on Nickelodeon and is syndicated worldwide.

Joe derives his greatest pleasure from drawing on the sidewalk with his talented wife, illustrator Carol Wyatt, and his two wonderful daughters Daisy and Casey. This is the first book Joe Murray has both illustrated and written but not the first he has read.

Catch up with Joe at: joemurraystudio.com

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