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It's Spring


Spring has sprung!

It’s Spring

Sally (who romps) and Sam (who barks) are again venturing out to discover another exciting season – Spring! The landscape is now covered with flowers and ladybugs and kites, and the two pals are set to experience it all firsthand. Jimmy Pickering’s uniquely stylized art (Somethin’ Pumpkin, It’s Fall!, It’s Winter!), captures the fun and freshness of a new Spring that’s spring!

It's Summer


It’s the good old Summertime!

It’s Summer

Jimmy Pickering’s charming illustrations again capture the adventures of Sally and Sam as they find more good times: swimming, picnicking and selling lemonade – all the special treats of summer! Another wonderful, whimsical journey, this time through the magical memories of our hottest season.

It's Fall


Two special friends delight in the wonders of Autumn!

It’s Fall

The leaves that were green
High over their heads
Are now full of yellow
And ambers and reds

The colors and changes of Autumn make for fun and discovery! Illustrations by Jimmy Pickering (Somethin’ Pumpkin) bring Fall back to life for two frolicking friends, Sally (who romps) and Sam (who barks), a festival of apple harvests, hayrides, Halloween, and more.

It's Winter


Sally and Sam discover a world of frosty fun!

It’s Winter

What fun is Winter
Without snowball fights?
They’re certainly one
Of the Season’s delights.

Sally and Sam, Jimmy Pickering’s playful duo, uncover the enchantment of Winter in this charming look at our coldest season. Pickering’s illustrations capture such simple joys as catching a snowflake on one’s tongue, making angels in the snow and building a frost dinosaur snowman – among numerous other wonderful Winter activities.

Somethin' Pumpkin


“A pumpkin is possibly so many things… there’s no limit to all the joy that it brings.”

Somethin’ Pumpkin

Finally, acknowledgement for the pumpkin in Somethin’ Pumpkin, a hilariously spooky salute to everyone’s favorite Halloween symbol. Trick-or-treaters big and small will find it difficult to resist Jimmy Pickering’s wacky full color paintings and Scott Allen’s creepy but friendly rhymes. It’s a no holds barred introduction to a far-out world of robots, witches, outerspace aliens, monsters, mad doctors and more, all of whom need pumpkins in their lives… for one reason or another!

Who Asked the Moon to Dinner?

A playful story about the worst dinner guest in the universe.

Who Asked the Moon to the Dinner?

When the Moon plops his rude mooniness down at the dinner table and proceeds to gobble all the food in sight, blow his nose in the tablecloth and juggle the family cats, it’s up to his young host, Isaac, to teach the hugest and rudest guest anyone has ever had a few manners.

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Rosie and Roger


A heartwarming tale (or it is tail?) of friendship!

Rosie and Roger

In this heartening little parable, a pig who is teased for having a mouse tail and a mouse who is teased for having a pig tail find out what really matters is who you are, not which way your tail grows.

Happy with Me


What would it be like if I were an elephant?
Or an octopus?
Or a snail?

Happy with Me

Join in the fun-filled fantasies of one little boy who just can’t stop himself from becoming all the animals he reads about. In short order, he’s a big, strong elephant, a splashing penguin, a twisted-up octopus, a snail who takes it easy, a super sniffing dog and a high-flying bird.

After a night of adventurous dreams, he decides that he’s pleased to be just the way he is.