Happy with Me

What would it be like if I were an elephant?
Or an octopus?
Or a snail?

Happy with Me

Join in the fun-filled fantasies of one little boy who just can’t stop himself from becoming all the animals he reads about. In short order, he’s a big, strong elephant, a splashing penguin, a twisted-up octopus, a snail who takes it easy, a super sniffing dog and a high-flying bird.

After a night of adventurous dreams, he decides that he’s pleased to be just the way he is.


Leo Timmers’ witty story and bold and colorful artwork delightfully capture what it’s like to be something other than yourself… if only for a night!

Highly visual and plenty of fun.

-Publishers Weekly

Data sheet

Leo Timmers
Page Count
Book Category
Children's picture book
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8 5/8 x 10 1/2
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