Pet's Best Friend

What do best friends do?
Play Dress up?
Tell secrets?
Curl up together??

Pet’s Best Friend

You’ll find out when Pet’s Best Friend lets the cat out of the bag. Get the real scoop from animals of every shape and size as they tell their innermost thoughts about the kids they own.


From butterflies to snakes, these unusual pets reveal why they do the things they do.

Emmy Award winning writer/director Jane Anderson “translates” the animals’ secrets into delightful poetry. Photography Rita Haft’s intimate pictures capture the enchanting bond between pets and children. And award-winning art director Charlie Hess puts it all together in a beautiful package.

Pet’s Best Friend is a book for all ages. Everyone can cherish the magical communication that lasts a lifetime – the values and emotions that come from finding a true friend.

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Jane Anderson, Photographs by Rita Haft
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