That's How Much I Love You

The perfect gift for anyone in love!

That’s How Much I Love You

Think of all the kisses you ever received…
on your lips and your cheeks
and your neck and your shoulders
and every place on your body
from the top of your head
to the tip of your small toe…
Count up every blossom that’s ever bloomed.
All the sunsets since the dawn of man.
The wattage of the north star’s glow…
That’s How Much I Love You.

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A beautifully illustrated, full-color gift book that expresses romantic thoughts in a lively and loving way. Tenderly thoughtful and sweetly playful, That’s How Much I Love You was written during the author’s long distance courtship! It’s more exotic than a bouquet of roses and more imaginative than five pounds of chocolates!

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Billy Mernit, Illustrated by Claudia Nizza
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6 1/2 x 6 1/2