The Comfort Book

The Comfort Book

May 2010 – Recommended by Jane Brody, Personal Health columnist for The New York Times, in her May 17th column.

Psychotherapist, social worker and writer Jane Seskin offers a practical approach to easing one’s way through life’s difficult moments. The Comfort Book presents a wide variety of tranquil thoughts and actions for self-healing.


In today’s hectic world of work, responsibility and survival, Seskin finds that people have forgotten how to soothe and take care of themselves. The Comfort Book is a compilation (gathered from people of all ages and all walks of like) of thoughts and actions, mental retreats, location visits, creative ideas, books, movies and even foods that nurture and nourish.

The Comfort Book provides a road map to the caretaking and comforting of one’s own self.

For the past 16 years Jane Seskin has worked at the Crime Victims Treatment Center of St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. She also conducts a private practice, dealing with relationships, depression, alcoholism, divorce and bereavement. Her previously published works include popular poetry, novelizations and non-fiction. Her articles have appeared in major newspapers and national magazines.

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