One Woman's Adventures of Dating in the Digital Age


“Really?!!?! examines online dating from a realistic and truly hilarious female perspective.  If you're going to read any timely comedy this year, this is the one.”

–Sarah Dunn
Bestselling author of The Big Love and Secrets to Happiness

“This piece of literature brings you the whole truth.  Online dating stripped down to the bone.  It's harsh.  It's in your face.  But most of all – it's wildly entertaining.”

–Lasse Scharpen

“For anyone who's thinking about taking a swim in the perilous but potentially rewarding waters of online dating, this is the best fucking book you will ever read!”

–William Wisher


Dating – you either love it ­­­­­­or hate it.  Blind dating – can be heaven or hell.  Internet dating – is a world all its own.  Explore that crazy, dangerous, hilarious world with one woman (let's call her Beulah!) on her two-year journey to find Mr. Right... or Mr. Right Now.  You won't believe the characters she met (often not recognizing them from their "profile pic"), the situations she got herself into (she's lucky to be alive) and the joy she found knowing she can now look back and laugh... and you will, too!

And it's all true.

Most online dating books are how-to or self-help guides teaching you the ins and outs of navigating the system. Really?!!?!? shows, first hand, the pitfalls and true-life adventures of looking for love in the digital era, one debacle at a time (well, some did overlap!).


In the 1990s, in a moment of questionable reasoning and brazen stupidity, 20-something Roslyn Fleischer (a.k.a. Beulah Sanchez) decided to challenge her intellectual capacity and monthly bank balance by leaving her job in film development at Paramount Pictures and joining the ranks of the Hollywood community as a comedy writer.  Sometimes it went well, sometimes it didn't.  She did six studio screenplays and got produced with Young Hearts Unlimited for the Fox Family channel.  That's on IMDB.  After this somewhat exhausting period, she decided to try her hand at novelist.  In addition to her ghostwriting, her first novel, Mystic Mania, was published in November, 2009.  She lives in Los Angeles with her computer and smartphone.

Roslyn's extensive adventures dating in the digital age taught her many secrets and much vital information about how best to present herself online.  She now uses what she's learned to help other "searchers" by starting Picture Perfect Profiles, a company that provides daters with tips and tricks on how to create the perfect online profile.

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