Ten Minutes to the Speech

A Fate Worse Than Death...

Ten Minutes to the Speech
Your last-minute guide and checklist for speaking in public

Giving a Speech? Are you terrified or cool as a cucumber?

Never fear public speaking again… and better yet, be great! Giving a speech has been called a fate worse than death, but with the hands-on help of the tools and tips in this invaluable guide, the process becomes painless! As the latest addition to Tallfellow’s popular 10 Minutes 2 Success series, this book will calm the jitters and show any speaker how to impress, inform, persuade and entertain an audience.


“If I had to speak in front of any size audient, this is the book I’d turn to.”

-Mark Gordon,
Producer, Saving Private Ryan; Greys Anatomy

“The entertainment industry is all about communication. This book is all about making communication work for you.”

-Marshall Herskovitz,
Producer, Blood Diamond; Last Samurai


  • Last-minute checklist – A confidence-building, practical, action guide to delivering a dynamic speech
  • Specific details about researching, preparing, and creating a speech
  • Helpful and humorous examples
  • Tips on dealing with unforeseen disasters
  • Handy reference section


Author Vance Van Petten is an experienced speaker who has addressed many influential organizations. Formerly Executive V.P. of Business and Legal Affairs at several Hollywood studios, Van Petten is currently Executive Director of the Producers Guild of America.

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